Software Development Process

Our software development life cycle model

End-to-End Process from Idea to Product

Our software development process that covers the entire life cycle of a product, from concept to a market-ready product, has been perfected over the last ten years to offer peace of mind as a service for our clients. That means that besides an established process, we add a spark of us to every project we work. To sum it up: you will get a creative engineering approach, a software development process customized for your product, a team of top-notch experts and a tech partner that will lead the line for you.

Product discovery phase

Let's meet. The very first step is the discovery process when we get to know each other and find all the details needed to move further into the software development process. Ideally, we would want to sit at the same table and learn about every little detail of your business, including goals and challenges. Once we understand it, we assemble the perfect mix and match of knowledge into a multidisciplinary team that will carefully and skillfully handle your digital product.

UX Design

Let's make sure your users have a meaningful experience! Our software development process starts with a UX phase, that is based on a user-centered iterative process to make sure your product provides streamlined, frictionless experiences to its end-users. Throughout the entire UX process, a set of journeys and flows are validated based on a continuous feedback loop from your users. By the end of this phase, you'll have a validated prototype ready for interaction, feedback and continues iteration.


UX without engineering is just UX. With our creative engineering mindset and our own rebel way of doing things, we come up with innovative solutions that we rigorously apply. We are taking care, of course, to add the perfect mix of the tech stack, platforms and a cross-functional team to the table to assure your product attains it's business goals by having a proper architecture in place.

Minimum Viable Product

Or Minimum Lovable Product as we like to call it. Following a lean process and an agile software development methodology, in this phase, we will focus on defining and implementing the most crucial parts of the product. Once the MVP is done, you can use it in real-life scenarios that can help gain insights about how your users are using your product.


Now let's take your product to the high peaks. Exciting things ahead, in this phase you'll see your entire product taking shape based on a pre-agreed list of modules and features that follow the same agile software development methodology: develop, test, demonstrate, refine and deploy.


Ready. Set. Go.

We are here for you. From the beginning to the end and beyond of the entire software development process we`ll take care of every technical aspect of your product.

Growth & Maintenance

Here for you. We'll stand by you every step of the way, making sure of the ongoing quality, relevance and value of your product. As your product is growing, you'll have a reliable tech partner by your side.


Start from scratch

From idea to market ready we've got you covered.


Ready for the next step

In search of a team to help you get your product to the next phase? We are here for you.


Subtle improvements

Need to refine or add new features to your product? We can ease the process.