Extended Designs is an experienced software development house. We’re not all things to all people – we specialise in business improvement software projects. We’re flexible, approachable and responsive. While we may not be the biggest on the market, we deliver great outcomes without hidden costs or excuses.


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We understand both technology and business, so we apply the approaches of both fields to our process

Together with the customer, we determine the proper solution for our client’s problem. We deliver a solution, and then implement it while sticking to our collaboratively developed strategy.

Our solutions take as many forms as they serve functions, increasing sales, optimizing processes or reaching new markets. Whatever form our solutions take – optimisation of an existing process, launching a start-up or the development of a completely new set of services – they turn into clear, tangible benefits.

Just as we understand business, we understand technology. Our specialists develop solutions on the .Net Framework, in addition to mobile apps and software services. Regardless of what medium we are working in though, our priorities rest in full security and quality assurance by default.

Our Story

We have come a long way from our origins as two young developers working out of a 9 square meter office. We have become a professional software development house building enterprise solutions used by some of the biggest brands in South Africa. That path is what has made us who we are today. And we’ve certainly learned a lot from our own mistakes made along the way. Each misstep has matured us from the small team we were 15 years ago.
We tried offering minimal pricing, but quickly understood that low costs led to low quality. We tried bending over backwards to meet every one of our clients’ wishes, but we realized that our time (and our clients’) was better spent in dialogue to identify and work on their real needs. And we tried dressing up our ideas with magnificent visuals that caught the eye, but fail to transform that into real profits.

All said and done, we possess our own values, which might seem unusual to some. We spend a great deal of our time collaborating, understanding the business, prototyping and architecture development. We are constantly testings different technologies and improving. That is our secret to making our projects successful and our clients happy. We like to work when we know we are doing something useful, something with purpose.

Strategic Partnerships

Over the years we built strong relationships with strategic partners that offer complimentary services and business support. This allows us to provide enterprise solutions across various domains with a specialised software development team.

Our Values

Your idea matters, and our work is meant to make the difference.